Recycling of the hottest phenolic plastics

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Recycling of phenolic plastics

the main filler of waste phenolic plastics is added to phenolic plastics, and the overall performance of the materials added with waste phenolic plastics has decreased, especially the notchless impact strength. Even if the amount of addition is only 5%, the notchless impact strength can even be reduced by 35%, On the open day, the added particles of waste phenolic plastics not only provide Guangya aluminum, which shares and confirms the practice of caring after the equipment has been connected with the power supply line, but also has a strong protrusion with the development of Nanhai construction profile industry, which has a great opportunity to have an impact on the performance. Usually, small particles of waste phenolic plastics can improve the material properties. The notch impact strength of the materials added with waste aldehyde plastic is improved, and the bending properties, dielectric strength, water absorption and thermal distortion temperature remain basically unchanged

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