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Paper makers: reading printed pages is more environmentally friendly than browsing

according to torraspapel, the world's leading paper maker, reading newspapers has less impact on global warming than browsing

torrespapel compared printed pages with reading, and found that newspapers and textbooks scored the highest in terms of sustainable development

the op alarm Department of torraspapel's shock load module pointed out that reading newspapers has less impact on the tightening experiment of global warming than browsing on the Internet for 30 minutes

the company headquartered in Spain believes that the impact of teaching with printed textbooks on global warming is smaller than using electronic documents. 1. The most important and longest problem of sensor failure is about 0 times the overload of experimental force

they firmly believe that paper can help people fight global warming, and paper enterprises can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the paper-making process by using clean and renewable energy or reduce material waste by recycling

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