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Xu Jincheng, the co-founder and general manager of zhiduoduo, received an exclusive interview with the editor of Sasa's share on the evening of April 25, aiming at how zhiduoduo could mobilize the resources of the whole industrial chain of industrial paper during the epidemic, and actively practice the development of industrial linkage enabling enterprises to combat the COVID-19, Explained in detail

advantage concentration and industrial linkage

"if you want to make a general summary of the number of papers during the epidemic, the eight words' advantage concentration and industrial linkage 'are very suitable." Mr. Xu Jincheng pointed out in the interview, "We know that the COVID-19 has a great influence on the country and even the world. In the past, each of our strategic partners has its own industry and business. But through the crisis response of the epidemic and the settlement and handling of various affairs during the epidemic, I deeply realize that Zhiduo and each of its strategic partners are doing and providing one thing, which is industrial linkage."

"how to use the power of upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industrial chain of industrial paper to concentrate advantageous resources to realize the orderly development and promotion of the overall business, and in this process, to realize the resumption of production and enabling of enterprises has become the core problem to be solved by the B2B vertical E-commerce platform of industrial paper industry, which is located in the 'central nerve' of industrial linkage." Mr. Xu Jincheng said, "on the basis of doing a good job in the protection of all staff, it is a priority for zhiduoduo to focus on the industry, concentrate on one thing to the extreme and the best, and fasten the relationship between upstream and downstream enterprises."

seize the opportunity of wartime quickly

"recently I saw a sentence: 'don't miss the test of any crisis on an organization', especially after experiencing the test of this epidemic, this sentence has a more profound impact on me". Mr. Xu Jincheng said in the interview, "Alibaba was a start-up company before 2003, but after the test of SARS, Alibaba's organization was trained, and the rapid layout of online business was forced at that time. So on the contrary, the crisis like SARS forced the growth of enterprises like Alibaba. The global fight against the epidemic has also well trained the organizational synergy of paper Duoduo, and made us more clear to ensure that there are The space of more than 70cm is for experiments and ordinary protection. Chu realized our platform advantages and the advantages of organizing industrial linkage, and let us see the energy that paper Duoduo can burst out under the wartime mechanism. Therefore, through this action to combat the epidemic, we should take a good look at it, think about it, seize the opportunity of wartime, and realize industrial linkage. To a certain extent, it has become a powerful driving force for Jinan experimental machine factory, which broke through the downturn of the epidemic, and the afternoon holiday on January 20, 2017. "

when discussing "what is the wartime mechanism" with the editor in chief, Xu Jin pointed out to any factory that it is a big expense: "The wartime mechanism is that you have only one goal, and you must win this battle. Our headquarters must hear the front-line artillery fire. So this time, in our organizational transformation, we recruited a group of new front-line business personnel. In the early stage, we opened up new positions in various categories during the seven-year University time, and at the same time, we continuously transported artillery shells to the front-line positions. Maybe many people can't understand why many enterprises Why is zhiduoduo still expanding his lineup when he is downsizing due to the pressure of the epidemic? In fact, our purpose is very simple. The purpose of adding new front-line personnel is not to make up, but to explore new positions on the basis of holding the existing positions, so that we can take the lead in the real battle. At least, we have now rearranged the positions, and the next step is to concentrate our superior forces and fire at the enemy. "

the initial intention of the people at all levels remains the same.

"in addition, the most important thing in wartime is to mobilize all people to make everyone full of the desire to fight. We summarize a very important fighting spirit in the fight against the epidemic, that is," the people at all levels share the same desire. " ". although during the epidemic period, cloud office was mainly used, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of employees. Based on the B2B transaction of upstream raw materials, and taking industrial and cultural paper processing enterprises as downstream customers, we realized that dozens of products such as industrial paper, cultural paper and industrial paper production raw materials bloomed everywhere, linked together, with clear goals, so as to jointly realize the industrial linkage between upstream and downstream enterprises, fight the epidemic and tide over the difficulties. We Let everyone feel that they have a sense of value and mission, so that they can really stimulate everyone's enthusiasm. "

Mr. Xu Jincheng said at the end of the interview, "The wartime state of zhiduoduo not only has a neat awesome starting line-up, but also has a strong and in-depth backup. We need to train our organization and our team through every crisis, but not the crisis of the company's life and death. With the organization and resources of our entire industrial paper chain, we can form a multiplier effect in the ecosystem of zhiduoduo, provide our customers with the ultimate products and services, and serve the epidemic period of the enterprise The resumption of production and work between now and then brings real empowerment, which is our original intention. "


after the bitter cold of "epidemic", everything is prosperous. The ultimate meaning of a long-term survival of an enterprise and a team lies not only in the stability of the foundation stone, but also in whether the enterprise and the team can share the same desire in times of great difficulties. It has been less than a year since the establishment of Zhiduo, but the good reputation of the industry will not deceive people

the road ahead is particularly long. The initial intention is to help develop. The future has come, and the future of zhiduoduo can be expected

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