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Application of PC in program-controlled sawing machine

sawing machine is an important equipment in lgj32 cold bending forming unit of Gansu Fengshou machinery plant. Its function is to cut the profile into the required length and ensure the specified sizing accuracy when the cold rolling mill continuously rolls the profile or welded pipe. At present, Chinese manufacturers of profiles, welded pipes and stainless steel pipes mostly use relay logic, which has received significant attention in aerospace and military fields due to high-speed impact. The logic controlled mechanical dramatic cutting machine has complex wiring, complex interlocking and high failure rate. For this purpose, SM/Font 24R programmable controller (PC) replaces the original relay logic control. The operation shows that the system is reliable and stable, with high degree of automation and low failure rate. It also improves the precision of sizing and achieves obvious economic benefits

1. System control principle: the working process of the program-controlled sawing machine is: when the end of the running steel pipe or profile contacts the microswitch under the flap, the PC sends a command (signal), the sawing car starts, runs to the specified distance, approaches a proximity switch, and sends out the jaw clamping command. After clamping the profile, the sawing cylinder falls down for sawing, sawing is completed, the sawing is lifted, the jaw is loosened, and the sawing car returns to its original position after the time delay in the PC, Wait for the next cycle

control system and programming s colleagues, customers also brought the product sample m to be tested by their factory/Font all input points of 24R PC have software filtering function, the programming language adopts ladder diagram and level language, and the program is stored in flash ROM without backup battery; It has a complete password protection function, so that the user program will not be illegally accessed. (1) The whole control loop of the control line is in the mode of automatic control. During manual operation, each function button directly controls the corresponding actuator - solenoid valve, contactor, etc. During automatic operation, the whole process is controlled by PC program. According to the system requirements: 12 input points and 6 output points, see the attached table. Because the output load is all AC inductive load, 24 point (SM?/font 24R type has 14 input points and 10 output points) relay output PC is selected. Since the control system works in the mode of frequent connection and disconnection, the standby definition number is reserved for replacement in case of system configuration and input/output unit failure. (2) The program performance is very stable. The design programming language adopts the level language, as shown in the attached figure. Its advantage is that it is carried out level by level according to the process requirements, which makes the programming simple and the running speed faster. In fact, 7. It can print the experimental report and data query and summary in the specified format, realizing high speed

this system program is composed of eight levels with the level number of "SG". The "set" and "reset" instructions are used in the control of the output point to make the control logic simple and clear. Its execution process is:

s0000 → S001 → S002 → S003 → S004 → s005 → S006 → S007 → s0000

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