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Interpretation: when the stress reaches a value: the price of imported iron ore is high, predict the future trend

interpretation: the price of imported iron ore is high, predict the future trend

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Guide: in the first quarter of this year, China imported 17.717 million tons of iron ore, with an average CIF import price of 156.62 dollars/ton, up 60.31 dollars/ton, or 62.62%. The high price of iron ore has become the heartache of China's steel industry, and directly led to China's steel industry in high cost, low efficiency

in the first quarter of this year, China imported 177.17 million tons of iron ore, with an average CIF import price of 156.62 dollars/ton, an increase of 60.31 dollars/ton, or 62.62%

the high price of iron ore has become a heartache of China's steel industry, and directly led to the "high cost, low efficiency" operation of China's steel industry. In 2010, the total profit of China's steel industry was less than that of Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and vale. In the first quarter of this year, the profit margin of product sales of 77 large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises was only 2.91%

"the price of iron ore is fundamentally determined by the relationship between supply and demand." Zhangchangfu, vice president of CISA, said, "what we require is fair and reasonable prices, openness and transparency, and no artificial hype. On this premise, the game between the two sides is a market behavior."

the demand for raw materials brought about by the rapid growth of China's steel production in recent years is indeed the bottom gas of the three mines that "the distance between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe in the oil tank should be as large as possible". So, how long will the iron ore supply in short supply last? When will there be a turning point in the relationship between supply and demand

according to Simpson shipping consulting company, the supply and demand structure of global iron ore may reverse in 2014. This will tilt the market balance towards buyers

Xu Lejiang, chairman of Baosteel Group, said recently that the reversal of iron ore supply and demand may occur in advance, because attracted by the high return on mining investment, global steel enterprises and non steel enterprises have started large-scale upstream industrial investment, which will form a large amount of production capacity in a few years

wangchunsheng, Deputy Secretary General of CISA, said that in recent years, a provincial academician workstation, a provincial scientific and technological innovation service platform, a Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Park, a provincial Anhui aluminum product quality supervision and inspection center, three provincial engineering and technology research centers, and four provincial enterprise technology centers have been built in the city of iron ore. a large amount of investment in these fields will produce benefits at the end of 2013 or 2014, in South America, Canada In Africa and Australia, there are many mines with annual production capacity of more than 10 million tons. This is the reason why people have "inflection point" expectations for 2014

however, in the view of some iron ore suppliers, the estimates from the buyer's market may be too optimistic. David Flanagan, executive director of atlas Steel Co., Ltd., Australia's fourth largest iron ore supplier, believes that due to the lagging infrastructure construction and insufficient labor resources, many mining projects will be postponed, and the inflection point of supply and demand may be postponed

on the demand side, Wang Chunsheng also believes that although the growth of China's steel production tends to slow down, the steel production of India and other emerging markets may continue to increase. It is still difficult to predict when the inflection point will come. It depends on market changes

in fact, because the development cost of iron ore in Australia and other countries is not high, even if the price of iron ore falls by half, the miners still make money. "Our offshore cost per ton of ore is Australian dollars." David Flanagan said, "the domestic iron ore mining cost in China is about 600 yuan, and in order to accelerate the product development cycle, the grade is low; in the long run, the iron ore market still has great support to maintain at the CIF $100/ton level. In the unknown future, we will still choose to continue to develop low-cost, high-quality mines."

facing the high monopoly position of foreign mining enterprises, Zhang Changfu, vice president of CISA, said that first, in view of the high monopoly situation of international iron ore shipping trade, we should continue to adhere to the "going out" development strategy, increase investment, development and equity participation in overseas iron mines, and further improve the proportion of overseas equity mines; Second, call on the state to strengthen policy support for domestic mine production and construction, achieve long-term stability, and constantly increase the output of domestic iron ore; Third, standardize the order of the imported iron ore market, and continue to do a good job in the management of the imported iron ore agency system and the flow of imported iron ore

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