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Interpreting the main data of China's economy in August, Xinhua, Beijing, September 10 - the industrial growth rate was obvious for the second consecutive month - the vice president rebounded, and the investment, consumption and export Troika rebounded slightly across the board for the first time in half a year. The main data of China's economy in August released on the 10th gave the market a boost

the stabilization and recovery of China's economy have been confirmed, and market confidence has been restored and strengthened. Wang Jun, deputy director of the consulting and Research Department of the China Center for international economic exchanges, drew such a judgment from these latest data

from the perspective of the year-on-year actual growth rate of industries above Designated Size, the core indicator of monthly economic growth, after a significant rebound of 0.8 percentage points to 9.7% in July, it rebounded by 0.7 percentage points in August, breaking through the double digits to 10.4%

10% is a psychological barrier. The industrial growth rate has exceeded 10%, indicating that China's economy has stabilized and warmed up more obviously, and market confidence has increased significantly. Niu Li, director of the macro research office of the Economic Forecasting Department of the National Information Center, said

in recent months, the clear and powerful policy signals released by the central government for about 30 consecutive cycles have received increasingly obvious positive results. From putting forward a series of policies and measures to ensure that the economic growth rate does not slip out of the lower limit, to intensively introducing policies and measures to reduce the tax burden of small and micro enterprises, financial support economic restructuring and transformation and upgrading, strengthen urban infrastructure construction, speed up the transformation of shantytowns, speed up railway construction in the central and western regions and poverty-stricken areas, guide private investment, stimulate vitality and healthy development, and effectively hold the bottom of economic growth, It reversed the once widespread pessimistic expectations in the market and greatly boosted confidence

these policies and measures have begun to see results, and the later role will be further reflected. Zhuang Jian, a senior economist at the Asian Development Bank China Representative Office, said

fixed asset investment, the traditional driving force of China's economy, rebounded slightly, especially manufacturing investment and new projects. From January to August this year, the national fixed asset investment increased by 20.3% year-on-year, 0.2 percentage points faster than that from January to July. Among them, manufacturing investment increased by 17.9%, accelerating by 0.8 percentage points; The total investment of new projects is planned to increase by 14.4%, accelerating by 1.2 percentage points

According to Wang Jun's analysis, the rebound of investment is mainly driven by policies. The government has accelerated the progress of project approval and key projects, which is the fastest way to stimulate investment. On the other hand, industrial producer prices (PPI) changed from negative to positive in August, which also increased the willingness of market participants to invest

another major domestic consumption growth of China's economy also rebounded slightly. In August, the total retail sales of consumer goods nationwide increased by 13.4% year-on-year, 0.2 percentage points faster than that of the previous month. The external demand of China's economy has continued the improving trend last month. On the basis of both negative and positive foreign trade import and export data in July, the year-on-year growth rate of China's exports in August reached 7.2%, an increase of 2.1 percentage points over the previous month. China's import and export trade with the United States, the European Union and other major trading partners showed a good momentum of development that month

Wang Jun believes that at present, the United States Developed countries such as EU "Materials, design and processing technology are so closely intertwined in this region. The economy has improved, especially with the arrival of the Christmas ordering season, and the prospects for China's exports in the next few months are good.

the stabilization and recovery of the economy is encouraging, but we should not be blindly optimistic about the future trend of China's economy. In particular, the endogenous driving force of China's economy still needs to be strengthened, and the inherent overcapacity and other prominent contradictions have not yet been solved The recovery process of the world economy will not be smooth, and we should have enough understanding of the arduous tasks and potential risks in the future

experts generally believe that the stabilization and recovery of China's economy has only lasted for two months, and needs to be further consolidated. It cannot be ruled out that the growth rate will decline slightly again in the future. The steady growth policy does not need to be further strengthened, nor can it be abruptly stopped. Instead, we should adhere to and observe it for a period of time, and constantly pre adjust and fine tune it according to the changes in the situation

Zhuang Jian reminded that the data processing of China's economic friction and wear testing machine should not return to the past growth mode, and the excess capacity can no longer expand investment. We should keep up with the work of economic transformation and deepening reform, and pay attention to guard against local debt risks

what we want is that the economy operates within a reasonable range to prevent stall, rather than pursuing high speed. Next, on the one hand, we should continue to stabilize economic growth. On the other hand, we should devote more energy to structural adjustment and deepening reform, and the task is heavier. Wang Jun said

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