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Interpreting the ecosystem of JLG (jieerjie) gold medal service

interpreting the ecosystem of JLG (jieerjie) gold medal service

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August 7, 2015, Shanghai - since entering the Chinese market in the 1990s, JLG's brand awareness in the field of high-altitude work in China has increased rapidly. Jakob von Wolff, global executive director of the packaging branch of kiefel Co., Ltd., said that it has improved and been unanimously recognized by the market. Behind this, the world's leading product design and manufacturing technology contributed greatly, but JLG's gold medal service of crossing the ocean was authentic and even higher. Taking an aerial work platform as an example, the "good service" in the customer account is reflected in the smooth information before purchase, the reassurance and reliability during purchase, and the timely guarantee after purchase. In JLG's service concept, these demands are expressed in three words - carefulness, patience and confidence. It is not easy for customers to feel these three words. JLG adheres to the service concept from the source, and uses the linked service system as a guarantee to finally present a unified and reliable JLG style service experience to end users

both the special training for specific products and the industry's first learning system, jlgu (JLG University), have provided excellent technical accumulation for JLG service engineers all over the country. On this basis, JLG continuously improves the skills of service personnel with targeted and characteristic training, establishes a case sharing mechanism, and encourages service engineers to exchange and learn from each other. By discussing the different situations encountered in the work and learning from each other the new methods summarized from the service practice, JLG service personnel can continue to walk on the road of excellence

on a recent Saturday afternoon, the JLG service team stationed in Shanghai received an urgent task, saying that the operation of a device was not smooth. JLG service personnel rushed to the site immediately and found that the fault situation was more complicated than that of preparing for the production of low iron aluminum. In addition, the site could not carry out further hydraulic system inspection for safety reasons, so they suggested the user to send the equipment back to the base for further inspection. Due to the tight construction period, the user did not accept the suggestions at the first time. After detailed communication and humanized coordination with the user, the patient service personnel finally agreed to transport the machine out of the construction site for maintenance. With the joint efforts of relevant technicians of the base around the clock, the cause of the fault was quickly identified and the fault was successfully eliminated. The next morning, JLG returned the equipment in full condition to the customer

the competition with service personnel is not the urgent time, nor the difficult fault, but the carefulness and patience of pursuing the truth. A customer reported that the jib lifting cylinder of a 1350sjp aerial work platform in his hand leaked oil. After on-site inspection, it was determined that the lifting cylinder was bent due to external force collision, but the customer did not agree with the inspection results and had a tough attitude. JLG service personnel who fully understood the customer's thoughts patiently explained the cause of the failure on site, pointed out the collision point and took the initiative to borrow a repaired oil cylinder composed of the environmental humidity change in which the experimental machine is located for the customer to use, so that the machine can be restored to use, so as to solve the customer's urgent need, and then send the damaged oil cylinder to the third-party professional authoritative testing department for failure cause analysis. Finally, the authoritative test results issued by the professional testing department made the truth come to a conclusion. While fully recognizing the JLG professional testing system, the customer was very satisfied with the timely solutions provided by the service personnel

in the numerous and complex after-sales service cases, some reflect the importance of communication, guiding customers to put aside unnecessary disputes and jointly solve problems; Some explain the magical effect of attitude. Service personnel rush to the scene at the first time, work day and night on weekends, and every detail is engraved in the hearts of customers, which has become the driving force to promote problem solving; It is equally important to adhere to principles and explore the truth carefully and patiently. JLG service personnel are loyal to the facts and uphold the customer first at the same time

through such a mobile service ecosystem, every JLG service personnel has become a part of active learning and continues to make progress in the theory of "listen and understand". It is their bit by bit efforts that have gathered a good reputation for JLG's gold medal service, which has stabilized JLG's position in the Chinese market. They have brought safe and comfortable experience to thousands of practitioners of high-altitude operation equipment, and also brought indispensable logistical guarantee to China's construction

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American JLG Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corp, a New York listed company in the United States, and the world's largest manufacturer of aerial work platforms. It mainly produces different types of straight arm aerial work platforms, curved arm aerial work platforms, scissors aerial work platforms, fork loading and other products. It has production bases in Europe, the United States and China, and its business covers four continents

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