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Interpretation: the current situation and prospects of China's big data industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's information and communication technology industry grew rapidly, the Internet economy developed vigorously, accumulated rich data resources, made significant breakthroughs in technological innovation, and the application momentum was good, laying a solid foundation for accelerating the development of China's big data industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Big data resources continue to accumulate and enrich

I. Development Status

China has a vast territory, a large population, a huge economic scale, a high degree of activity, and an increasing level of information development. It has become one of the countries that generate and accumulate the largest amount of data and the richest types of data. The informatization level of government affairs is constantly improving, information consumption is booming, the scale of mobile users and mobile Internet users ranks first in the world, and the scale of network economy continues to expand. Government departments, Internet enterprises and large group enterprises have accumulated and precipitated a large amount of data resources, and China has become a veritable country of data resources

positive progress has been made in big data technology innovation. In terms of basic software and hardware, domestic backbone software and hardware enterprises have successively launched independent big data basic platform products, and a number of information service enterprises have developed data analysis tools for specific fields to provide innovative data services. In terms of platform construction, the single cluster size of Internet leading enterprise servers has reached tens of thousands, which has the technical strength to build and operate super large-scale big data platforms, and open its own technical service capabilities and resources to the outside world with cloud services. In the frontier fields of deep learning, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and so on, Chinese enterprises actively layout and seize the technological commanding heights

big data related industries continue to grow. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's electronic information and software industry maintained rapid growth. In 2015, the income of the information industry reached 17.1 trillion yuan, and the income of software and information technology services reached 4.3 trillion yuan, further expanding the scale of the industry. Last year, the supporting capacity of network infrastructure was significantly improved, and cloud computing services gradually matured, providing strong infrastructure support for the development of big data. Domestic leading enterprises have actively launched new products and services to meet the needs of big data. A number of emerging professional big data enterprises have risen, and new formats and new models are emerging. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on big data are becoming increasingly active, and big data has become a hot spot of social capital investment

the breadth and depth of big data application are gradually strengthened. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's information technology application has gradually shifted from focusing on infrastructure construction to focusing on software and services, and is accelerating the transformation to focusing on data resource mining applications. A number of world-class Internet enterprises have led the cutting-edge development of big data, applied big data to online social networking, e-commerce, advertising, search and other businesses, and greatly improved the personalization and intelligence of online services. Telecommunications, finance, transportation and other industries are actively using the accumulated rich data resources to accelerate the pace of service optimization, business innovation and industrial upgrading. Industry, logistics, medical treatment, agriculture and other fields have actively followed up, and the industrial big data application is developing rapidly, forming a good situation for the development of big data application

second, there are problems

China's big data industry has a good foundation and faces rare development opportunities, but there are still some difficulties and problems. First, the opening and sharing of data resources is not smooth. Low data quality, weak data management ability, and poor "liquidity" and "accessibility" of data hinder the large-scale utilization of data. Second, technological innovation ability needs to be improved. There is a big gap between the basic theory and core technology of big data and foreign countries, and its influence on open source technology and related ecosystems is weak. Third, the application level of big data is not high. China's development of big data has strong application market advantages, but at present, there are still problems in the application of big data, such as the application field is not extensive and the application degree is not deep. Fourth, the big data industry support system is not perfect, and the construction of talent team urgently needs to be strengthened. The supply of big data professionals is insufficient, and there is a lack of compound talents, which cannot meet the needs of industrial development

III. facing the situation

big data has become one of the strategic commanding heights of shaping national competitiveness. The ability to control and utilize big data resources has become the key for a country to improve its comprehensive competitiveness. Only with this ability can we obtain knowledge and wisdom from big data, better promote economic development and social management, and seize the commanding heights and initiatives of future development. Countries have fully recognized the important strategic value of big data. The United States released the "federal big data research and development plan" in May 2016 to continuously strengthen its layout in big data research, development and application. The EU launched the "data driven economy" strategy in 2014, advocating European countries to seize the development opportunities of big data. Britain, Japan, Australia and other countries have also introduced similar policies to promote the application of big data and stimulate industrial development

big data drives the accelerated transformation of the information technology industry pattern. Big data has brought revolutionary challenges to traditional information technology and triggered great changes. Big data requires information systems to be large-scale, low-cost, efficient, and capable of acquiring, storing, and processing diverse and complex data in real time. This will force the systematic innovation and reconstruction of chips, software and information systems, promote the wide application of information systems based on open source software and open architecture, and reshape the pattern of the global information technology industry. At the same time, big data is accelerating the cross integration of information technology and various industries, gestating a new type of big data services, and further expanding the development space of the information industry

China's economic and social development has put forward higher requirements for the big data industry. As an important factor of production, intangible assets and social wealth in the information society, data resources have become a fundamental strategic resource in the harmonious construction and protection of employees' rights and interests. Through in-depth analysis of data, we can summarize experience, discover laws, predict trends, assist decision-making, and help human beings better understand the objective world and carry out social practice. The "13th five year plan" period is a decisive stage for China to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and a key period for the continuous transformation of old and new industries and development drivers. The global new generation information technology industry is in a period of accelerated change, and the application demand of the domestic market is in an explosive period, which puts forward higher requirements for the development of China's big data industry

IV. development direction and priorities during the 13th Five Year Plan period

fully implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the third, fourth, fifth and sixth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, adhere to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, and build an independent industrial ecosystem with coordinated development of data, technology, application and safety around the national big data strategy and the overall deployment of the action plan for promoting the development of big data, Build a "data power"

Weiner also said to build a big data industrial system. Strengthen the research, development and application of key technologies of big data, strengthen the data service industry, and cultivate the big data industrial system. Cultivate big data leading backbone enterprises. Cultivate new data service modes and enterprises such as data collection, data analysis, data security and data transaction. Optimize the layout of big data industries, and build big data industry clusters and comprehensive pilot areas. Support the construction of big data public service platform, develop big data standard verification, evaluation and certification services, and improve the public service system of big data industry

develop industrial big data. Support the research and development of big data analysis technologies and platforms for key links such as R & D design, production and manufacturing, business management, marketing, etc., promote the establishment and improvement of big data resource integration and analysis platforms for the whole industry chain, and carry out the application innovation and pilot demonstration of big data in the industrial field. We will deepen the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection, accelerate the in-depth integration and application of emerging technologies such as big data and IOT, cloud computing, and Information Physics systems in the manufacturing field, and enrich the content of industrial big data services and innovate service models

deepen big data application services. For government, finance, energy and other key industries, promote the safe and reliable software and hardware application of big data system, promote the cross industry integration application of big data, and help the transformation and development of key industries. Guided by the need to serve the people, not just the improvement of rubber materials, accelerate the application of big data in the fields of health care, education, transportation, tourism, social security and other people's livelihood. Promote the in-depth application of big data in government affairs and social governance, and improve the government's scientific decision-making ability, government operation efficiency and public service level

promote the circulation of big data transactions. Study and formulate general rules for data transaction and circulation, gradually improve personal information protection, data security, intellectual property protection and other systems, establish industry self-discipline and supervision mechanism, carry out pilot demonstration of third-party data trading platform, and promote the development of big data industry

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